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Yagba West Postal or Zip codes in Kogi State Nigeria4 min read

Yagba West in Nigeria is like a cool town with a rich history. It’s one of 21 areas in Kogi State, and their main spot is Odo Ere. The whole place uses the same zip codes, so sending mail is super easy!

postcode for Yagba West LGA:

Isanlu Esa262103
postcode for Yagba West LGA:

Frequently asked Questions

Where is Yagba located?

Yagba is located in Kogi State, Nigeria, towards the western part near Kwara State. The main town there is Odo Ere.

What is the postal code for Anyigba in Kogi State?

The postal code for Anyigba, Kogi State, is 272102.

Where is the headquarters of Yagba East located?

The headquarters of Yagba East is in Isanlu, a town in Kogi State.

How many local government areas in Kogi State are predominantly Yoruba?

There are six local government areas in Kogi State where Yoruba-speaking people live: Kabba-Bunu, Yagba-West, Yagba-East, Mopa-Muro, Ìjùmú, and Lokoja.

Are postal codes the same as zip codes?

Yes, postal codes and zip codes serve the same purpose. However, “Zip code” is the term used in the USA, while “Postal code” is used elsewhere.

What is the difference between a postal code and a Zip Code?

Both a postal code and a Zip Code help in delivering mail accurately. In the USA, a Zip Code, which is a five-digit number, identifies specific postal delivery areas.

Is Kogi located in the western or southern part of Nigeria?

Kogi State is in the central part of Nigeria, connecting with several other states, not specifically in the west or south.

What is the origin of the Yagba people?

The Yagba people trace their origins back to Oyo, with Akata-Ere being recognized as the starting point of Yagbaland, initiated by a princess from Oyo.

Which ethnic group is the most populous in Kogi State?

The Igala people are the most populous ethnic group in Kogi State, comprising about 58% of the population and mainly following Islam. The Ebira people are also a significant group but fewer in number.

Is Kogi State a Yoruba state?

Kogi State is a diverse region in the center of Nigeria, housing various ethnic groups including Yoruba, but it is not exclusively a Yoruba state.

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