The Plateau State Zip Codes range spans from 930001 to 942108, with each code serving a unique purpose. The most notable code in this range is 930001, which is reserved for the NIPOST Headquarters in Plateau State. As the administrative epicenter, this code facilitates streamlined mail and package management for the state.

Plateau State, situated in the North Central Geopolitical Zone of Nigeria, is known for its diverse landscapes, cultural heritage, and bustling communities. To pinpoint the exact ZIP code for your location within Plateau State, you can explore the comprehensive list of ZIP codes alongside local government areas, districts, and specific may also know about Niger State zip codes in previous one.

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plateau State

Plateau State Zip Codes

Postal CodePostcodeLocationLGAType
933009933001PankshinJos SouthFacility
933002930007KabwirJos SouthFacility
940006931002Zaria Rd.BokkosFacility
942003940001DengiLangtang NorthFacility
930003931001University of JosJos NorthFacility
930002932004Jos TownShendamFacility
942002933001GarkawaQua’an PanFacility
932001940004ManguLangtang SouthFacility
930010942002VomJos NorthFacility
930001932001Jos Town/GPOManguFacility
931001942108Barkin LadiJos SouthFacility
933001942002AmperJos SouthFacility
931002932004Kurra FallsShendamFacility
940004933001DemshinJos SouthFacility
942002942003Yelwa IsharBarkin LadiFacility
Plateau State Zip Codes

Plateau Postcodes Arranged  by LGA

LGAPostal CodePostcode by LGA
Jos South930101 – 930104933101 – 933106
Mangu932101 – 932108942101 – 942104
Qua’an Pan940109 – 940116931107 – 931108
Kanam942101 – 942104930111 – 930119
Langtang South941104 – 941111932101 – 932108
Jos North ★930105 – 930281941101 – 941112
Bokkos932109 – 932116930106 – 930110
Langtang North941101 – 941112930105 – 930281
Jos East930106 – 930110940101 – 940107
Bassa930111 – 930119940105 – 940108
Pankshin933101 – 933106931102 – 931241
Shendam940101 – 940107933101 – 933106
Riyom931107 – 931108942105 – 942108
Barkin Ladi931102 – 931241930101 – 930104
Wase942105 – 942108940109 – 940116
Plateau Postcodes Arranged  by LGA

Plateau state post offices code

Post OfficeAddressCityLGA
GarkawaUnguwar Sarki Along Langtang Road, GarkawaGarkawa communityMikang
DengiJarmai Road, DengiDengi commuNoityKanam
Yelwa-IsharUnguwar Jarawa Along Garkawa Road Yelwa-IsharYelwa-IsharShendam
Uni-JosUniversity of Jos CampusUniversity of JosJos North
DaffoMayi Area Daffo Bokkos L G ADaffoBokkos
Jos NorthJos Massalacin Juma’a StreetJos cityJos North
VomAlong Bukuru-Vom RoadJos cityJos South
Jos TownTerminus Ahmadu Bello WayjosJos North
NIPSSKuru Bukuru-Vom RoadNIPSSJos South
BurukuRahwol Kanang Along Jos RoadJos South JosJos South
ShendamShendam CeNotralSheNodam CommuNoityShendam
LangtangDoriot Along Yelwa Road LangtangLangtangLangtang North
Kurra FallsBarkin ladi Road kurra fallsbarkin ladiBarikin Ladi
JosAhmadu Bello WayJos North JosJos North
Fed Secfederal sec josjosJos South
Uni-JosUniversity of Jos CampusUniversity of JosJos North
KabwirAlong Dawaki Road, KabwirKabwirKanke
MabudiMabudi Lang Building StreetMabudiLangtang South
PankshinUnguwar Galadima Post Office RoadPankshinPankshin
GindiriBehind Gindiri Old Town Hall, GindiriGindiriMangu
Zaria Rd.Rock haven Along Zaria Road, Josrock haven josJos North
Waselangtan rd wasewaseWase
Ba’apKopdong Along Ba’ap RoadBaap CommunityQua’an Pan
Barikin LadiKoros Along Mangu Road Barikin LadiJos cityBarikin Ladi
LangtangDoriot Along Yelwa Road LangtangLangtangLangtang North
AmperKawum Village Along Jos Road, AmperAmper communityKanke
Anglo-JosYakubu GowoNo Way Anglo-JosJos cityJos South
Plateau state post offices code