Niger State Zip Codes,Navigate with Ease from 910001 to 923107

Niger State, situated in Nigeria’s North Central Geopolitical Zone, benefits from a well-structured postal code system that plays a vital role in pinpointing exact locations throughout the region. Covering a range from 910001 to 923107, with the pivotal 920001 code allocated to the NIPOST Headquarters.

This postal code system streamlines mail delivery and simplifies navigation across Niger State’s various local government areas, districts, and specific locations. Whether you’re sending mail or searching for precise location data, familiarizing yourself with Niger State’s postal codes is crucial for efficient communication and logistical convenience within this dynamic Nigerian state.

Niger State Zip Code

920003Federal UniversityBossoFacility
921102Sarkin PawaMunyaFacility
913003New BussaBorguFacility
Niger State Zip Code

Niger state Post code Arranged by LGA

LGAPostal Code
Borgu912105 – 913106
Lapai911101 – 911102
Mariga922105 – 922106
Shiroro921101 – 921102
Edati913101 – 913102
Agaie911104 – 911105
Katcha912104 – 912105
Bosso ★920102 – 920282
Magama923105 – 923106
Bida912101 – 912241
Mokwa913103 – 913104
Mashegu923102 – 923103
Paikoro920103 – 920104
Niger state Post code Arranged by LGA

Niger State Post Offices codes within their respective cities and LGAs

Post OfficeAddressCityLGA
KutaKobwa Gwada RoadKutaShiroro
KagaraBy pass KagaraKagaraRafi
WushishiSabo Gari Aliyu Babangida StreetWushishiWushishi
MokwaAlong Jiagi road MokwaMokwaMokwa
KutigiKpandarako area KutigiNoupe CommunityLavun
RijauRijau Main TownRijau CommunityRijau
Gwada****Gwada Town {Abandoned}GwadaS/roro
KataregeriAlong Railway line KataeregiKataeregiAgaie
FCEOpp.Main Garage KontagoraFCE KontagoraKontagora
Guni****Guni Town[Abandoned}GuniS/roro
KatchaMasalasi Idi Area, KaichaKatcha conmmunityKatcha
KontagoraOpp. Main Garage KontagoraKontagora CommunityKontagora
BidaAlong BCC Road, BidaBida CommunityBida
Station RoadRailway Station RoadMinnaMinna
Sarkin PawaSarkin PawaSarkin PawaMunya
BadeggiOpposite Railway line BaddejiBadeggiAgaie
Fed Poly*****Fed.poly BidaFed. Poly.Bida
Paiko****Paiko Town {Functional}PaikoPaikoro
Doko*****Doko Town {Functional}DokoBida
BaroEkokpata area, BaroBaro CommunityAgaie
MinnaOld Airport RoadMinnaMinna
New BussaIbrahim Taiwo Rd N/BussaNew BussaKontagora
Fed Sec ComplexFed Secretariat MinnaMinnaMinna
ZungeruAnguwan Sarki ZungeruZungeruWushishi
State Sect.*****State Sect. { Functional}State Sect.C/chaga
Niger State Post Offices codes within their respective cities and LGAs


Why is Niger called?

The modern spelling Niger was first recorded by Berber scholar Leo Africanus in 1550, possibly derived from the Tuareg phrase gher-n-gheren meaning “river of rivers”. There is broad consensus among linguists that it does not derive from the Latin niger (“black”) as was first erroneously believed.

What is Niger State known for?

Answer: Niger State is known for housing the three major hydro-electric power stations in Nigeria, which are Kainji, Jebba, and Shiroro stations. This has earned it the official slogan/title “Power State.”

Which language is spoken in Niger State?

Answer: The official language of Niger is French, and the most widely spoken language is Hausa. Niger has 11 national languages, and depending on how they are counted, it has between 8 and 20 indigenous languages, belonging to the Afroasiatic, Nilo-Saharan, and Niger–Congo language families.

Why did Niger and Nigeria split?

Answer: The border separating Niger and Nigeria is a colonial one, established as a result of the contest for supremacy between the British and French in the race for Lake Chad in the late 19th century.

What is the salary in Niger State?

Answer: The average salaries for Niger State Government employees are around 46,605 Naira. This data is based on information from 4 employees in various roles, including Financial Analyst, Fish Farmer, Teacher, Health and Good Governance Program Assistant.

Is Niger a rich or poor country?

Answer: Niger is considered one of the poorest countries in the world. In 2021, the United Nations rated Niger as the least developed country globally. It is closely followed by countries like the Central African Republic, Chad, Burundi, and South Sudan in terms of poverty and development.

What are three interesting facts about Niger?

Answer: Three interesting facts about Niger are:

  • Niger is home to the largest protected area in Africa.
  • Niger has its own dinosaur.
  • Niger is home to the highest mud-brick structure in the world.