Oyo State zip codes, Nigeria or postal codes is essential for efficient and accurate deliveries for sending mail and deliveries. Oyo State is nestled in the South West Geopolitical Zone of Nigeria, and it boasts a range of postal codes, from 200001 to 234103. Here’s what i have found.

At the heart of Oyo State’s postal code system is 200001, designated as the postal code for the NIPOST Headquarters. This code serves as the central hub for mail and package sorting and distribution in the state.

Postal codes for oyeo state

203003Ago AareAtisboFacility
203001SakiSaki WestFacility
203004SepeteriSaki EastFacility
210003AjaawaOgo OluwaFacility
200005University of IbadanIbadan NorthFacility
200001GPOIbadan South WestFacility
211001OyoOyo WestFacility
200002MapoIbadan South EastFacility
210002IjeruOgbomoso SouthFacility
211003BacothoOyo WestFacility
210001OgbomosoOgbomoso NorthFacility
203005AgoamoduSaki EastFacility
200009TapaIbadan NorthFacility
210005IkoyiOri IreFacility
201003Igbo OraIbarapa centralFacility
Postal codes for oyeo state

Postcode by LGA

LGAPostal Code
Afijio211102 – 211107
Akinyele200132 – 200140
Atisbo203104 – 203106
Egbeda200109 – 200114
Ibadan North ★200211 – 200285
Ibadan North-East200xxx
Ibadan North-West200xxx
Ibadan South-East200xxx
Ibadan South-West200xxx
Ibarapa Central201103 – 201104
Ibarapa East201101 – 201102
Ibarapa North201105 – 201107
Ido200129 – 200131
Iseyin202101 – 202103
Itesiwaju202104 – 202106
Iwajowa202110 – 202116
Kajola202107 – 202109
Lagelu200101 – 200108
Ogbomosho North210211 – 210271
Ogbomosho South210101
Ogo Oluwa
Ona Ara
Orelope212103 – 212104
Ori Ire210115 – 210116
Oyo East211101 – 211273
Oyo West211101 – 211273
Saki East203102 – 203109
Saki West203101
Surulere210102 – 210105
Postcode by LGA

Post office codes

Post OfficeAddressCityLGA
SakiOkedio Sanngo road SakiSakiSaki West
Ago-AreSaki Road Ago-AreAgo-AreAtisbo
EleyeleEleyele Barrack IbadanEleyele – IbadanIbadan North – West
MapoOja-Oba Mapo hill IbadanIbadanIbadan South – East
IgbetiOja Oba road IgbetiIgbetiOlorunsogo
OgbomosoTakie square, OgbomosoOgbomosoOgbomosho North
OkehoBarrack Area OkehoOkehoKajola
OyoOpp.Ekesan Market OyoOyoAtiba
Saki EastOke Taase SepeteriSepeteriSaki East
TapaAyete TapaTapaIbarapa North
TedeIsale Igbogbo TedeTedeAtisbo
IseyinOluwole area IseyinIseyinIseyin
KishiAjegunle KishiKishiIrepo
IjeruArowomole Ijeru Area OgbomosoOgbomosoOgbomosho South
Ikoyi-IleTewure road Ikoyi-IleIkoyi-IleOri Ire
Ibadan NorthFed.Sec.ComplexIbadanIbadan North
SecretariatOyo state Govt SecretariatIbadanIbadan North
GPO DugbeOpp. Railway StationDugbe IbadanIbadan North – West
Agugu OremejiAgugu- Oremeji IbadanAgugu- Oremeji IbadanOna-Ara
Fed. SecIware Road FiditiFiditiAfijio
Aja-awaOja Aja-awa LocationAja-awaOgo Oluwa
AweOpp. Alawe Palace AweAwe OyoAfijio
BacothoBaptist coll. Of Tech Isokun OyoIsokunOyo West
Ago-AmoduSepeteri road Ago-AmoduAgo-AmoduSaki East
Ago-AmoduSepeteri road Ago-AmoduAgo-AmoduSaki East
U I IbadanOjoo road U.I.IbadanIbadanAkinyele
IgbohoOke-Afin IgbohoIgbohoOrelope
IgbojayeJagun Area IgbojayeIgbojayeItesiwaju
IgbooraPost Office Rd, SagaunIgbooraIbarapa Central
Ibarapa EastPost Office Rd, SagaunIgbooraIbarapa Central
IloraOja-Oke IloraIloraAfijio
Agodi GateAgodi Gate Bus stop IbadanIbadanIbadan North
SakiOkedio Sanngo road SakiSakiSaki West
SepeteriOke Taase SepeteriSepeteriSaki East
Ago-AreSaki Road Ago-AreAgo-AreAtisbo
FiditiIware Road FiditiFiditiAfijio
OyoOpp.Ekesan Market OyoOyoAtiba
LanlateOke-Oja LanlateLanlate LocationIbarapa East
LAUTECHLAUTECH OgbomosoOgbomosoOgbomoso North
EruwaEruwa Oyo StateEruwaIbarapa East
SecretariatOyo state Govt SecretariatIbadanIbadan North
IloraOja-Oke IloraIloraAfijio
Post office codes

What is Oyo State Postal Code?

Think of Oyo State’s postal code as a secret handshake for your area. It’s like a unique fingerprint that makes sure your mail lands exactly where it’s meant to be. In Oyo State, this special code spans from 200001 to 234103, and interestingly, 200001 is the code for the NIPOST Headquarters. Oyo State, nestled in the vibrant South West Geopolitical Zone, certainly knows how to send its mail in style.

What are the 33 local government areas in Oyo State?

Oyo State is a patchwork of 33 distinctive local government areas, each weaving its own thread into the tapestry of the state’s culture and governance. These local government areas, often lovingly called LGAs, are the backbone of local administration and development.

What is Ibadan North postal code?

In the sprawling landscape of Oyo State, the Ibadan North area has its own postal code, almost like a secret code to ensure mail reaches the right doorstep. While the general postal code for Ibadan falls under the 200xxx range, specific districts within Ibadan North might have their own unique codes. To pinpoint the exact postal code for a specific area within Ibadan North, it’s best to check with official sources or your local postal service.

What are the towns under Oyo State?

Oyo State is a treasure trove of towns, each with its distinct character and charm. It’s like a diverse family where every member brings something unique to the table. Some of the standout towns in Oyo State include the bustling Ibadan, historic Ogbomoso, vibrant Iseyin, welcoming Oyo, lively Saki, and picturesque Eruwa. These towns have their own rich traditions, stories, and contributions to the state’s growth. And don’t forget, there are countless smaller towns and villages sprinkled throughout the state, each with its own special identity and, you guessed it, a unique postal code!