Explore the comprehensive list of Osun State Zip  code and postal codes for towns and villages. Find accurate zip code information for Osun State, Nigeria, in one place.Osun State is located in the southwestern region of Nigeria. It shares borders with several other Nigerian states, including Oyo, Ekiti, Ondo, Ogun, Kwara, and Kogi. The state is known for its lush greenery, rolling hills, and the Osun River, which flows through the state.

The capital city of Osun State is Osogbo. Osogbo is one of the major urban centers in the state and serves as its administrative and economic hub. Osun State is known for its rich cultural heritage. The people of Osun State, primarily of Yoruba ethnicity, have a deep-rooted culture that includes traditional festivals, music, dance, and art.

Postal Codes of Osun State

232001EdeEde NorthFacility
233010Esa OkeObokunFacility
233003Ifon OsunOroluFacility
231005Ipetu JesaOriadeFacility
233001IlesaIlesa WestFacility
233007Imest IleObokunFacility
234001Ila OrangunIlaFacility
233002Otan AyegbajuBoluwaduroFacility
220007Ile IfeIfe CentralFacility
230004Erin OsunIrepodunFacility
232002Ile OgboAiyedireFacility
221005Orile OwuAiyedadeFacility
233011Ikeji IieOriadeFacility
220003ModakakeIfe EastFacility
220001Ile IfeIfe EastFacility
220004OlodeIfe SouthFacility
234003Oke IlaIfedayoFacility
233004Ijebu JesaOriadeFacility
220005OAUIfe CentralFacility
220006MoroIfe NorthFacility
Postal Codes of Osun State

Postcode arranged by LGA

LGAPostal Code
Ilesa East233211 – 233283
Ifedayo234102 – 234103
Ife South220108 – 220115
Iwo232101 – 232102
Isokan221105 – 221106
Odo Otin231101 – 231107
Ifelodun231108 – 231119
Irepodun251101 – 251104
Aiyedaade221101 – 221103
Atakunmosa East233110 – 233113
Atakunmosa West233102 – 233109
Ejigbo232116 – 232119
Egbedore232104 – 232111
Ejigbo232116 – 232119
Ede South232102 – 232103
Ede North232101
Ola Oluwa232107 – 232115
Obokun233122 – 233130
Ife Central220211 – 220282
Ife East220251 – 220266
Ife North220101 – 220381
Odo Otin231101 – 231107
Boripe231112 – 231115
Boripe231112 – 231115
Boripe231112 – 231115
Boripe231112 – 231115
Osogbo ★230211 – 230283
Postcode arranged by LGA

Osun post office

Post OfficeOffice AddressCityLGA
IbaMarket Rd IbaIbaIfelodun (Osun)
Erin OsunAkogun Str Erin OsunErinIrepodun – Osun
Ifon OsunBolorunduro Area Ifon OsunIfonOrolu
OllaEjigbo Rd OllaOllaEjigbo
Odo OtinIla Road OyanOyanOdo – Otin
IkirunStation IkirunIkirunIfelodun (Osun)
IlesaMarket Square Roundabout IleshaIlesaIlesha West
IlobuDagbolu Street IlobuIlobuIrepodun – Osun
IlokoNear Maternity Centre IlokoIlokoOriade
ImadinAlong Osogbo Road AE 28 Odeyemi Str IleshaImadinIlesha West
Ile-IfeEnuwa Square Iremo RoadIle-IfeIfe East
AdaAlong Ibokun Road AdaAdaBoripe
Ile-OgboOja Ale Street Ile OgboIle-OgboAiyedire
ImesiOdo Obi Imesi IleImesiObokun
IresiAlong Otan Ayegbaju RoadIresiBoluwaduro
IwaraBeside State Hospital IfewaraIwaraIlesha West
Iwo6 Ibadan Rd IwoIwoIwo
KutaIkoyi Road KutaKutaAiyedire
ModakekeItamerin Road ModakekeModakekeIfe East
MoroIpetu Modu Road MoroMoroIfe North
OAU Teaching HospitalOAU Teaching Hospital PremisesIle IfeIfe Central
OAUOAU CampusOAUIfe Central
OdeomuObada Area Ode OmuOdeomuAiyedade
OkukuAlong Ilorin Road OkukuOkukuOdo – Otin
OsogboStation Road OsogboOsogboOsogbo
OsuOke Oja Ife Road OsuOsuAtakumosa West
Osun PolyPoly Campus IreEIreEBoripe
Osun State Coll of EducationIfe Road IlesaIlesaIlesha West
Osun State Coll of TechOpp Bola Ige House Esa OkeEsa-okeObokun
Ota – EfunNew Ikirun Road OsogboOsogboOlorunda
Otan AyegbajuIla Orangun Rd Otan AyegbajuOtan AyegbajuBoluwaduro
Orile OwuOju Oja Area Orile OwuOrile OwuAiyedade
OlodeAbdulsalim Street OlodeOlodeIfe South
Ede BOOff Railway Line EdeEdeEde North
EdeAgboko Street EdeEdeEde North
Edun AbonOke Ode Road Edun AbonEdun AbonIfe North
EjigboOba Akinjole Way EjigboEjigboEjigbo
EkosinIgbajo Road EkosinIfonOdo – Otin
Ife B OLagere/Iremo RoadIle-IfeIfe Central
IfetedoBaba Akodi Street IfetedoIfetedoIfe South
IfewaraAtiba Street IfewaraIfewaraAtakumosa West
IgbajoPalace Square IgbajoIgbajoBoluwaduro
IgbayeFaaji Street IgbayeIgbayeOdo – Otin
Ijebu JesaOdo Ese Street Ijebu JesaIjebu JesaOriade
Ikeji-IleA1 Oke Oja Street Ikeji IleIjebu JesaOriade
IkireAyedade Road IkireIkireIrewole
Ila-OrangunPalace Area IlaIla-OrangunIla
IlareOba’s Palace IlareIlareObokun
Osun post office