Discover Edo State zip codes, ranging from 300001 to 313111, and delve into the heart of Benin City, its vibrant capital. This South-South gem in Nigeria boasts a rich tapestry of postal codes, ensuring precise mail and package deliveries. Explore the local government areas (LGAs) and locations to find the exact postal code you need in Edo State.want to know about Delta State link is given.

Edo State, located in the vibrant South South Geopolitical Zone of Nigeria, is a land of rich history and diverse cultures. Its capital, Benin City, stands as a testament to ancient traditions and modern progress. To make sure your mail reaches its destination without a hitch, it’s essential to know the correct postal code.

Edo State Zip Codes

310001EkpomaEsan WestFacility
300005Federal SecretariatIkpoba OkhaFacility
312001AuchiEtsako WestFacility
313002Sabogida OraOwan WestFacility
311004IrruaEsan CentralFacility
312003AgenebodeEtsako WestFacility
311001UromiEsan North EastFacility
313003SobeOwan WestFacility
311003IruekpenEsan WestFacility
313001AfuzeOwan EastFacility
312002UzairueEtsako WestFacility
310005EwuEsan CentralFacility
300001G P OOredoFacility
310004AgbedeEtsako WestFacility
311002UbiajaEsan North EastFacility
312006FugarEtsako CentralFacility
310006Ambrose Alli UniversityEsan WestFacility
312004AgbedeEtsako WestFacility
311003SobeOwan WestFacility
312001AuchiEtsako WestFacility
300001G P OOredoFacility
313002Sabogida OraOwan WestFacility
310003EwohimiEsan South EastFacility
Edo State Zip Codes

Edo State Post codes arranged by LGA

Etsako West312101 – 312106
Owan East313101 – 313108
Esan North-East311115 – 311116
Esan West310101 – 310108
Esan South-East311101 – 311114
Igueben310109 – 310111
Etsako Central312108 – 312113
Ovia South-West302101 – 302109
Orhionmwon301101 – 301106
Owan West313109 – 313111
Uhunmwonde301107 – 301115
Oredo ★300102 – 300283
Ovia North-East302110 – 302121
Esan Central310112 – 310120
Ikpoba-Okha300104 – 300105
Akoko-Edo312114 – 312123
Edo State Post codes arranged by LGA

Edo State post Office Codes

Post OfficeAddressCityLGA
Auchi2, Otaru Road, GRA By Igarra Junction, AuchiAuchiEtsako West
OgidaIgbinaduwa Road, Off Siluko Road, Benin CityBeninEgor
Ekpoma74, Royal Market Road, Opposite Royal Palace, EkpomaEkpomaEsan West
Ubiaja18 Central Road, GRA Commercial RoadUbiajaEsan South – East
Uromi2, Eguare Mission RoadUromiEsan North – East
Sabongida-Ora3 Commercial/Post Office RoadSabongida-OraOvia South – West
Uzairue3, Old Elete Road, Jattu, UzairueUzairueEtsako West
FugarMike Ogiadomhe Road, FugarFugarEtsako Central
AgbedeRoyal Court Old Auchi Road, AgbedeAgbedeEtsako West
Igarra5, Secretariat Road, IgarraIgarraAkoko – Edo
Agenebode1, Mission Road, Eguare, AgenebodeAgenebodeEtsako East
Auchi PolytechnicInside Auchi Polytechnic Campus, AuchiAuchiEtsako West
Fed. SecretariatAlong Aduwawa Auchi Express WayBeninIkpoba-okha
OgidaIgbinaduwa Road, Off Siluko Road, Benin CityBeninEgor
OkadaMission Road by Estate Gate, OkadaOkadaOvia North – East
SobeOld Akure Road, Along Mission Road, SobeSobeEtsako West
IgbankePost Office Road, IgbankeIgbankeOrhionwon
Abudu52, Old Benin-Lagos, Asaba RoadAbuduOrhionwon
OlogboAkenzuwa II Road, Opp. Enogie Palace, Old Road, OlogboOlogboIkpoba
EhorUhunmwode LG Community Hall, EhorEhorUhunmwonde
UgbowoUselu-Lagos Road, Opposite Uniben, Benin CityBeninEgor
AkpakpavaNo. 1, Akpakpava Road, Benin CityBeninOredo
BeninNo.1 Airport Road, Benin CityBeninOredo
Okpella24 Market Road, OkpellaOkpellaEtsako Central
Afuze25, Afuze-Auchi Road, Opp Unity Bank AfuzeAfuzeOvia South – West
IyakpiSide of Central Mosque, IyakpiAuchiEtsako West
Irrua63 Benin/Auchi Express Road, IrruaIrruaEsan Central
Ewu3 Royal Palace Market Road EguareEwuEsan Central
Igueben2, Palace Junction Road/King Square IguebenIguebenIgueben
Ebelle2, Royal Market Road/Palace EguareEbelleIgueben
Ewohimi1 Eguare Road, Opp Palace EwohimiEwohimiEsan South – East
Ambrose Alli University P.OInside A.A.U. Campus By Old Bus StopAmbroseEsan West
Edo State post Office Codes