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Kwara State Zip Codes | Postal Code3 min read

Kwara State, located in the north-central part of Nigeria, has 16 different areas called Local Government Areas (LGAs). Each LGA has its own unique zip code, just like different neighborhoods in a city can have different zip codes.

To find the zip code you need, simply click on the name of the LGA you’re interested in below.

Kwara State list of  Local Government Areas (LGAs):

  • Offa
  • Patigi
  • Moro
  • Isin
  • Kaiama
  • Irepodun
  • Oyun
  • Oke Ero
  • Ekiti
  • Edu
  • Baruten
  • Asa
  • Ilorin West
  • Ilorin South
  • Ilorin East
  • Ifelodun

People also ask

What is the zip code for Ilorin Offa garage?

The zip code for the Offa garage in Ilorin is 240222. Easy to remember, right?

What is the zip code for Ilorin Asa?

If you’re looking for the zip code for Ilorin Asa, it’s 240242. Handy info for your mails!

What is Tanke Ilorin postal code?

For Tanke in Ilorin, the postal code is 240222.

What is the postal code for Ilorin Gaa Akanbi?

The postal code for Gaa Akanbi in Ilorin? It’s 240103. Perfect for when you need to send something there!

Where is Offa in Ilorin?

Offa is a town in Kwara state, not too far from Ilorin. It’s right where the railroad from Lagos meets the roads from Ilorin, Lafiagi, and Ikirun. A real crossroads!

Is Offa under Ilorin?

Offa and Ilorin are two places in Kwara State, Nigeria. Offa is to the southeast of Ilorin, the state capital. They’re distinct, but both pretty important in their own right.

What is the postal code for Oyun Ilorin?

Looking for the postal code for Oyun in Ilorin? It’s 240103. Great for mailing!

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