Unveiled Exclusive Ukum LGA Postal Codes in Benue state Nigeria  4 min read

Reveal Ukum LGA Postal Codes Secrets by District and Location with maximum accuracy with distinctive postal identity of Local Government Area which is nestled in the heart of Benue State within the North Central Geopolitical Zone of Nigeria,boasts its own special postal code: 980108.

District List

  • Ucha

Ukum ZIP Codes

PlacePostal Code
Korwua Agbatar980108
Ukum ZIP Codes

Benue Other Codes

  • Tarka
  • Ushongo
  • Vandeikya
  • Makurdi Town (Capital)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a zip code the UK Manchester?

The postal codes for Manchester, UK, include M1, M1 1AD, M1 1AE, M1 1AF, M1 1AG, and M1 1AJ.

 What is the postal code for ITU LGA?

 The postal codes for ITU LGA in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria are as follows:

  • Ikot Ukpo Itu: 520108
  • Obot Etim: 520108
  • Obot Itu: 520108
  • Odu Itu: 520108

What is Khana LGA postal code?

The postal codes for Khana LGA in Rivers State, Nigeria are as follows:

  • Bass – Luekun: 502102
  • Beakoro – Beeri: 502102
  • Beam: 502102
  • Bebbe Court: 502102

Is the UK a zip code or postcode?

A: In the UK, a zip code is referred to as a postcode, typically a six- to eight-character code that can include both letters and numbers.

What is a valid ZIP code UK?

A valid ZIP code in the UK, also known as a postcode, consists of outward and inward codes. Examples include “SW1W 0NY,” “PO16 7GZ,” “GU16 7HF,” and “L1 8JQ.”

What is a 5 digit ZIP code UK?

The concept of a 5-digit ZIP code in the UK, similar to the US, doesn’t precisely apply. London postal codes, for instance, range between 5 and 7 alphanumeric values.

Is 00000 a postal code?

In the UAE, particularly Dubai, the postal or zip code 00000 is used. This unique code consists of five zeros.

Which postal code is 500001?

 The postal code 500001 corresponds to the GPO Facility in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

 What is a postcode area sector district?

A postcode sector combines a postcode area, a postcode district, and a single character indicating the location’s inward code.

 Where is the headquarters of Khana LGA?

 The administrative seat of Khana Local Government Area in Rivers State, Nigeria, is in the town of Bori.

 What is the postal code of Uttar  Sector 8?

 The postal code for Uttara Sector 8 is 1230.

 What is your postcode?

 A postcode is a short sequence of numbers and letters at the end of an address, aiding the post office in mail sorting.

Are all UK postcodes 7 digits?

UK postcodes consist of five to seven alphanumeric characters, representing an area with multiple addresses or a single delivery point.

 How do you write a postcode?

  Postcodes should be in block capitals as the last line of an address, without underlining or punctuation. Leave a clear space between the two parts.

What is the London postcode?

 London postal codes are alphanumeric codes used to identify specific geographic areas. In the UK, these are called postcodes.

What is the 6-digit postal code in the UK?

 The UK postal code system is a six-character alphanumeric code, where the first two characters represent the postal town or area and the four are specific to individual addresses.

Does London have a zip code?

London doesn’t have zip codes; it uses postcodes, typically two letters followed by numbers and letters.

 When did UK postcodes start?

 The first postcodes were introduced on a trial basis in Norwich in 1959, with the first three characters representing the city name.

 Which state is London in?

 London is not in any state; it stands alone and is not part of a county in the UK.

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