Gboko LGA Postal Codes of Benue State with accuracy in 20235 min read

Dive into the intricacies of Gboko LGA postal codes where the codes range from 981001 to 981102. Each code unveils a distinct district and location, creating a virtual map for locals and visitors alike.

The heart of Benue State, where Gboko Local Government Area (LGA) stands as a testament to Nigeria’s rich diversity. Unravel the mysteries of Gboko’s geographic tapestry with my  in-depth guide to postal codes, offering a seamless exploration of this North Central Geopolitical Zone.

Postal codes for Gboko

District / LocationPostal CodeLGAStateType
Gboko Town981101GbokoBenueRural
Postal codes for Gboko

Gboko Town

Gboko Town981101
Gboko Central Market981101
Gboko East981101
Gboko North West981101
Gboko South981101
Mbaa Varakaa981101
Bya Bya981102
Orpin Village981102
Tse-Jor House981102
Tyavgar House981102
Gboko Town

Frequently asked questions

Is Gboko a local government?

Absolutely! Gboko isn’t just a town; it’s a thriving Local Government Area nestled in the heart of Benue state, North-central Nigeria. The hub of Gboko’s administrative prowess lies within the town itself.

What is the postal code for ITU LGA?

In the postal tapestry of ITU LGA, the codes weave a unique pattern:

  • Esuk Itu: 520108
  • Ikot Ukpo Itu: 520108
  • Obot Etim: 520108
  • Obot Itu: 520108

What is Bayo LGA postal code?

Unlocking the digits for Bayo LGA reveals the distinctive code: 603104.

What is ABI LGA postal code?

ABI LGA, in Cross River State, boasts these unique postal codes:

  • Afafanyi: 543102
  • Anona: 543102
  • Ediba: 543102
  • Ensuokwe: 543102

Is Gboko a city or town?

Gboko stands not just as a city or town but as a vibrant Local Government Area. The heartbeat of Gboko echoes from the town itself.

What is the capital of Gboko?

Gboko isn’t just a town; it’s a pivotal commercial and administrative hub in Benue state. It proudly hosts the Tor-Tiv (King of the Tivs) in its midst.

What is city postal code?

A city postal code, also known as a postcode, ZIP code, or PIN code, is a series of characters aiding in sorting mail within a city’s boundaries.

What is a postcode area sector district?

In the UK, a postcode sector is a unique blend of postcode district, a single space, and the initial character of the inward code. An example is SW1W 0.

Which postal code is 500001?

The magic code 500001 corresponds to the vibrant city of Port Harcourt in Nigeria.

What is Aniocha North LGA code?

The postal code for Obior, nestled in Aniocha North, is a distinctive 320110.

What is the postal code for Manzini?

Manzini’s postal codes in Eswatini are a symphony of digits:

  • M200: Manzini
  • M201: Kwaluseni
  • M202: Matsapha
  • M203: Ludzeludze

What is the postal code for Sabon Gari LGA?

For Sabon Gari LGA in Kaduna State, the postal dance unfolds:

  • Sabon Gari: 810103
  • Cediyar Bawa: 810103
  • Sakadadi: 810103
  • Chikaji: 810103

What is postal code in Arab?

While the United Arab Emirates often skips the postal code, if required, the code 00000 might come into play.

What are the names of villages in ABI Local Government Area?

The vibrant tapestry of Abi Local Government Area embraces villages like Anong, Ediba, Usumutong, Abeugo, Afafanyi, Igonigoni, Ebom, and Ebijakara (Ebriba).

Which state is Gboko?

Gboko proudly stands in Benue state, forming an integral part of the North-central Nigerian landscape.

What is Gboko known for?

Gboko is renowned for more than just its Local Government status. Abundant mineral reserves, including limestone, granite, barite, and alluvial clay, define Gboko’s rich landscape. The region is also an agricultural powerhouse, cultivating crops like rice, yams, maize, and cassava.

How many people are in Gboko?

As of 2023, the vibrant metro area of Gboko boasts a population of 488,000, witnessing a 3.39% increase from the previous year.

What language does Gboko speak?

In the harmonious linguistic blend of Gboko, Tiv, Hausa, and English create a tapestry of communication.

What tribe is Gboko?

As the traditional capital of the Tiv tribe, Gboko proudly serves as the headquarters of the Tiv Native Authority, overseeing the Tiv people spread across Benue, Taraba, Plateau, and Nasarawa States.

What language is spoken in Benue State?

Within the boundaries of Benue State, the predominant languages are Tiv, Idoma, and Igede.

How to find ZIP Code?

Discovering a ZIP code is a breeze — leverage the USPS Zip Code Lookup tool, employ the prowess of Google or Bing, or explore specialized websites like Area Codes, Country Codes, LincMad, or

How to get a postal code?

For those on the quest for postal codes, MPost comes to the rescue. Dial *631# on your phone or embark on a seamless registration journey on the MPost website.

How do I werite my postal code?

Crafting your postal code involves simplicity: use BLOCK CAPITALS as the last line of an address, leave a clear space of one character between the two parts of the postcode, and avoid underlining or punctuation.

How big is a postcode?

In the UK, postcodes showcase alphanumeric flexibility, ranging from six to eight characters, including a space.

How many addresses in a postcode?

While a single small user postcode can embrace up to 100 addresses, a more typical number hovers around 15.

What is Post Town address?

A Post Town isn’t just a geographical reference; it’s a mandatory guide for mail delivery, directing it to the Royal Mail delivery office sorting mail for that specific Delivery Point.

Which city has postal code 50001?

The enchanting city of Hyderabad houses the postal code 500001 within the precincts of Gandhi Bhawan.

Is 234 a postal code?

No, 234 isn’t a postal code. Instead, it serves as the international dialing code for Nigerian phone numbers. The role of postal codes in Nigeria takes a different route.

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