North East Region of Nigeria – A Guide To Its Zip Codes

North East Region of Nigeria is captivating and diverse, boasting a blend of cultures, traditions, and breathtaking landscapes. In this article, we’ll take you on a journey through the North-East, shedding light on its unique features and providing valuable insights into this remarkable region.

Geographical Overview The North-East region is located in the north eastern part of Nigeria, bordering Cameroon to the east and Chad to the northeast.

You can select any of these states to know more about their local Government and zip codes.

The North East region of Nigeria is one of the six geopolitical zones in the country. It is known for its rich cultural heritage, diverse ethnic groups, and historical significance. The North East region comprises six states: Adamawa, Bauchi, Borno, Gombe, Taraba, and Yobe. Each of these states has its unique characteristics and attractions.

Here are brief descriptions of the North East states, along with their postal codes:

States of North East
States of North East

6 States of North East

Adamawa State (Postal Code: 640001)

Adamawa State is often called the “Land of Beauty” due to its picturesque landscapes and natural beauty. The state capital, Yola, is known for its vibrant markets and historical sites, including Lamido’s Palace.

Gombe State (Postal Code: 760001)

Nasarawa State, with the zip code 962, is adjacent to the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. This state is known for its agricultural activities, natural resources, and proximity to the nation’s capital.

Bauchi State (Postal Code: 740001)

Bauchi State boasts a rich cultural heritage and is home to various ethnic groups. The Yankari National Park is a major attraction, known for its wildlife and natural springs.

Taraba State (Postal Code: 660001):

Taraba State is characterized by its diverse topography, with highlands, valleys, and plateaus. Jalingo, the capital, is surrounded by scenic beauty and is a great place for eco-tourism.

Borno State (Postal Code: 600001)

Borno State is historically significant as the center of the Kanem-Bornu Empire. Despite recent security challenges, the state has a rich cultural heritage, with Maiduguri as its capital.

Yobe State (Postal Code: 320001)

Yobe State is known for its agricultural activities and unique landscapes. Damaturu, the capital, offers modern facilities and cultural heritage.

Each state in the North East region has its postal code, which is essential for mail sorting and delivery. These codes help ensure that mail and parcels reach their intended destinations efficiently. Using the correct postal code when sending mail to or within these states is essential to facilitate accurate and timely delivery.