Are you curious about the Ondo State Zip Codes in Nigeria? Well, you’re in the right place! Ondo State boasts a range of ZIP codes, and each one tells a unique story about this South West Geopolitical Zone of NigeriA. Previously i listed all zip codes of South-South .

Let’s start with the most prominent code in the state, 340001. This is no ordinary number; it’s the postal code for the NIPOST Headquarters, a hub for all postal activities in Ondo State.But Ondo State is more than just its headquarters. From 340001 to 352120, the state is divided into a myriad of postal codes, each one designating a specific area, Local Government Area (LGA), or location.

Ondo state zip codes

Postal CodePostcodeLocationLGAType
342004ArigidiAkoko North WestFacilityFacility
342006OkaAkoko South WestFacilityFacility
342002AjowaAkoko North WestFacilityFacility
342009IkaramuAkoko North WestFacilityFacility
351002OdotuIle-Oluji/ OkeigboFacilityFacility
342005Oke AgbeAkoko North WestFacilityFacility
351003OkeigboIle-Oluji/ OkeigboFacilityFacility
350005Ode AyeOkitipupaFacilityFacility
351003Ile OlujiIle-Oluji/ OkeigboFacilityFacility
340001GPOAkure NorthFacilityFacility
340005ItaogboluAkure NorthFacilityFacility
342008ObaAkoko South WestFacilityFacility
342007AkungbaAkoko South WestFacilityFacility
340003Federal SecretariatAkure SouthFacilityFacility
351001OndoOndo WestFacilityFacility
342001IkareAkoko North EastFacilityFacility
342010IwaroAkoko South WestFacilityFacility
340004Akure Branch OfficeAkure SouthFacilityFacility
340002OyemekunAkure SouthFacilityFacility
340006Igbara OkeIfedoreFacilityFacility
341001Ijebu OwoOwoFacilityFacility
342001OgbagiAkoko North WestFacilityFacility
352001UgbonlaEse OdoFacilityFacility
350002Araromi ObuOdigboFacilityFacility
Ondo state zip codes

Ondo postal codes

LGAPostal CodePostcode by LGA
Akoko North-West342102 – 342105342102 – 342105
Akoko South-West342107 – 342117342107 – 342117
Ilaje352116 – 352120352116 – 352120
Akoko South-East342106 – 342115342106 – 342115
Akoko North-East342101 – 342232342101 – 342232
Akure North340102 – 340106340102 – 340106
Ese Odo352106 – 352115352106 – 352115
Ifedore340110 – 340113340110 – 340113
Ondo West351101 – 351106351101 – 351106
Ose341109 – 341119341109 – 341119
Ile Oluji/Okeigbo351107 – 351111351107 – 351111
Owo341101 – 341108341101 – 341108
Akure South340101 – 340284340101 – 340284
Odigbo350101 – 350107350101 – 350107
Okitipupa350104 – 350113350104 – 350113
Ondo East351102 – 351105351102 – 351105
Idanre340107 – 340109340107 – 340109
Irele352101 – 352105352101 – 352105
Ondo postal codes

Ondo post office codes

Post OfficeOffice AddressCityLGA
Ilutitun4, Board Street, IlutitunIlutitunOkitipupa
IpeIpe AkokoIpe AkokoAkoko East
Oke IgboTown Square, Oke IgboOke IgboIleoluji/Okeigbo
Oba AkokoOwo RdOba AkokoAkoko South w.
Okeagbe AkokoAfa QuartersOkeagbe AkokoAkoko North W.
OpeIworin QuartersOka AkokoOwo
Ode AyeOlowu Street, OdeayeOdeayeOkitipupa
OreSabo Road, OreOreOdigbo
Ijebu OwoIyere Rd, OwoIjebu OwoOwo
Akungba AkokoAkungba QuartersAkungba AkokoAkoko South w.
UgbokodaBroad Street, IgbokodaIgbokodaIgbokoda
Ikare Akoko BOIkare Akoko TownIkare AkokoAkoko North-E.
Arigidi AkokoEkiteji streetArigidi AkokoAkoko North W.
Iwaro-Oka AkokoOka Odo QuartersIwaro-Oka AkokoAkoko South w.
IfonOwo – Benin Express RdIfonOse
OniparagaAdejagunla Street, OniparagaOniparagaOdigbo
Iju P.O.Main Road IjuIjuAkure North
IjareIjare-Ode Esi RoadIjareIfedore
Ire AkokoIba QuartersIre AkokoAkoko South w.
Irun AkokoNear Onirun PalaceIrun D683AkokoAkoko North W.
UsoIse Road, UsoUsoOwo
Araromi ObuPost Office Road, Araromi ObuAraromi ObuOdigbo
OndoMoferere MarketOndoOndo West
Ogbagi AkokoOfe QuartersOgbagi AkokoAkoko North W.
Isua AkokoIsua Akoko Town SquareIsua AkokoAkoko South E.
Ikare AkokoOpp. Olukare palace,Ilepa StreetIkare AkokoAkoko North-E.
IleolujiTemidire/IleolujiIle OlujiIleoluji/Okeigbo
ArogboArogbo Markek SquareArogbo-IjawEse Odo
OyemekunOyemekun Grammar SchoolAkureAkure South
OndoAdeyemi Coll. Education CampusOndo TownOndo South
Oba AkokoHospital RoadAkureAkoko South
ItaogboluMain Road,ItaogboluItaogboluAkure North
Fed.Sec.Igatoro RoadIgatoroAkure South
Ilara MokinOju Ode,IlaraIlaraIfedore
OwoFajuyi Rd.,Round About,OwoOwoOwo
ImeriNear Market,ImeriImeriOse
Oke IgboTown Square, Oke IgboOke IgboIleoluji/Okeigbo
Iwaro-Oka AkokoOka Odo QuartersIwaro-Oka AkokoAkoko South w.
Akure B OHospital RoadAkureAkoko South
AkureOba Adesida Rd.,AkureAkureAkure South
Alade IdanreAlade IdanreAlade IdanreOwena
OkaIworin QuartersOka AkokoOwo
IjareIjare-Ode Esi RoadIjareIfedore
Ijebu OwoIyere Rd, OwoIjebu OwoOwo
EpinmiEpinmi AkokoEpinmi AkokoAkoko East
Akinlosoye DriverBamikemoIle
Ondo post office codes