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Navigating the Beat with Ease to access Buruku LGA Postal Code for Seamless Connections is unveiled.Buruku, a local government area nestled in the heart of Benue State within the North Central Geopolitical Zone of Nigeria, boasts Postal Codes from 981103 to 981108. Dive into the details and explore the rhythm of each district and location within Buruku LGA. For a seamless journey through addresses, this Zip Code guide is your key to unlocking the unique charm of Buruku!

Buruku Codes

PlacePostal Code
Adi Village981103
Buruku towns981105
Buruku Codes

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Gwer East

Frequently asked questions

1. Which local govt is Buruku?

Buruku stands as a vibrant Local Government Area nestled within the heart of Benue State, Nigeria. At its core in the town of Buruku, the region pulsates with rural life, where over 80% of adults are dedicated to cultivating food crops, with each household nurturing a blend of livestock and citrus farms.

2. What is Khana LGA postal code?

Unveiling the postal tapestry of Khana Local Government Area, the numeric dance includes:

  • Bass – Luekun: 502102
  • Beakoro – Beeri: 502102
  • Beam: 502102
  • Bebba Court: 502102

3. What is the postal code for ITU LGA?

Navigating through the postal landscape of Itu Local Government Area, the codes unravel as follows:

  • Esuk Itu: 520108
  • Ikot Ukpo Itu: 520108
  • Obot Etim: 520108
  • Obot Itu: 520108

4. What is Bayo LGA postal code?

Diving into the postcode rhythm of Briyel, Bayo LGA, the towns paint a coded picture:

  • Tashan Tsamiya: 603104
  • Balbaya: 603104
  • Bera Fulani: 603104
  • Bulama Kabi: 603104

5. Is Karu a Local Government Area?

Indeed, Karu unfolds as a bustling Local Government Area in Nasarawa State, Nigeria. Nestled centrally, it shares proximity with the Federal Capital Territory, adding a unique dimension to its charm.

6. Is Buruku a Local Government Area of Benue State?

Absolutely, Buruku proudly holds its status as a Local Government Area in the tapestry of Benue State, Nigeria. Rooted in the town of Buruku, the area thrives on agricultural endeavors and the nurturing of livestock.

7. What is the postal code of Saeed Wala?

The postal secrets of Syedwala whisper a numeric code: 039150.

8. What is the postal code of Rahim Yar Khan?

In the postal canvas of Rahim Yar Khan, the code gracefully unfurls as 64200.

9. What is the postal code for Sabon Gari LGA?

Decoding the postal essence of Sabon Gari Local Government Area in Kaduna State, the numeric tale spins thus:

  • Sabon Gari: 810103
  • Cediyar Bawa: 810103
  • Sakadadi: 810103
  • Chikaji: 810103

10. What is a postcode area sector district?

Delving into the intricacies of the UK postcode symphony, the sector, a melange of district and single space, flaunts a code spanning four to six characters.

11. Which postal code is 500001?

The magnetic code 500001 gravitates towards Port Harcourt, etching its distinctive mark in the postal panorama.

12. What cities are in postcode GL?

The GL postcode area, an expansive embrace, cradles cities like Gloucester, Cheltenham, Stroud, Cirencester, Tewkesbury, and more within its alphanumeric coordinates.

13. Which district is Karu?

Karu unveils itself as a vibrant Local Government Area residing in Nasarawa State, anchored by the pulsating heart of New Karu town.

14. Is Maraba a local government?

While Maraba thrives as a town in Nasarawa State, it seamlessly integrates as a district of Karu Local Government Area, weaving its narrative into the broader Karu urban fabric.

15. What is the population of Nyanya?

As of 2017, the rhythmic beats of Nyanya’s population drum resonated at an estimated 408,768, as it gracefully danced through the corridors of FCT, Abuja.

16. Is Benue a state?

Benue proudly unfurls its statehood, standing tall as an administrative unit since its creation on February 3, 1976.

17. When was Buruku Local Government created?

The inception of Buruku Local Government dates back to 1991, as it emerged from the cocoon of the existing Gboko Local Government Area.

18. Which language owns Benue State?

The linguistic tapestry of Benue State is woven with the threads of Idomoid languages, with Idoma claiming the spotlight as an official language spoken by nearly four million souls in this east-central Nigerian haven.

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