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Interesting Katsina-Ala LGA Postal Codes located in Benue State of Nigeria2 min read

Dig into Katsina-Ala LGA Postal Codes (980001 – 980xxx)  on this adventure, where every ZIP code tells a story and every district unveils a unique chapter in the captivating tale. Join the  journey Beyond numbers, explore the cultural tapestry that makes Benue special, from local traditions to the rich history etched into its streets.

Katsina-Ala Codes

Postal Facility

Katsina Ala                           980001

Benue Other Codes


What is the Katsina-Ala postal code?

Katsina’s distinctive postal code is 820101.

Which state is Katsina-Ala?

Katsina-Ala finds its home in the vibrant Benue State, Nigeria.

What is the postal code of Kaduna?

Kaduna reveals its postal identity with the code 800283.

What is Khana LGA postal code?

Unlocking the postal secrets of Khana LGA:

  • Bass – Luekun: 502102
  • Beakoro – Beeri: 502102
  • Beam: 502102
  • Bebbe Court: 502102

Which region is Katsina under?

Immersed in the Sahel Savannah region, Katsina stands proudly in northern Nigeria.

What is the postal code and zip code?

Navigate the postal world: A Zip Code pinpoints parcels’ exact destinations, while a Postal Code, a mix of numbers and letters, guides mail to its precise location.

How many LGA do we have in Katsina State?

Embark on a tour of Katsina State’s diverse landscape, comprising a total of 34 local government areas.

What is Katsina known for?

Katsina claims fame as Nigeria’s largest cotton producer. The state’s bounty includes millet, guinea corn, groundnut, maize, beans, rice, and wheat, making it a thriving hub of agricultural and livestock activities.

Where is Katsina-Ala River located?

Wander along the banks of the Katsina Ala River, flowing northwest through Nigeria, weaving its way into the eastern expanse, and converging with the Benue River northeast of Abinsi.

How digit is postal code?

Unraveling the code: Postal magic happens with a standard 5-digit combination.

What is postcode area?

Discover the postcode realm: Your local Delivery Office covers a designated area. For instance, if you reside in SE25, expect all postcodes beginning with SE25 to share your postal region.

What is the postal code of Nigeria?

Nigeria’s postal tapestry unfolds with each region’s main head office, concluding in 0001. From Abuja’s Garki Main HO (900001) to Lagos’ Ikeja HO (100001), Kogi’s Lokoja (270001), and Port Harcourt (500001), each code narrates a unique postal tale. The range stretches from 100001 to the grand 982002.

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